A Life Best “FORGIVEN”

I am so excited, nothing could ruin this day, so I thought as I drive my new green Mazda truck – a far cry from the police cars I used to ride in when I was a little kid.

I am about to turn 31 and life is good – fiance and I got a new truck!It is a cool early Spring day, NO snow. I am working in St. Paul, Minnesota for an advertising firm that does everything. So today, I came to the office for a commitment to present a proposal to the entire chamber.

I loved marketing since I was little – listening to the radio in my room as my father “entertained” as he called it, while my mother was at work. I also worked in the production department at KAZY, 106.7 FM in Denver. 

I loved making voice overs and writing commercials before moving to Minnesota.

I’m standing in my boss Todd’s office overlooking the parking lot

he is about to hang up from a call with his boss in New York.

Suddenly, without notice, I dropped the proposal on his desk and sprinted out and down the hall almost flying over the three flights of stairs.

“My truck!” I screamed at the back of my mind while trying to catch my breath.

I was running up the parking lot hill to grab the back of my truck but the wench on the flatbed is too strong.

“Hey! Hey!” I shouted to the man loading my truck on the flatbed and he stopped.

I quickly gasped for air and asked, “What the F**k are you doing with my truck?”

“It’s the bank’s truck now, here’s your stuff!” he says while handing me the repo papers and raising the flatbed completely crushing my almost perfect day.

I turned and I felt like the whole building was staring at me through the glass windows of the offices.

I am standing in shock and uncontrollable rage.

I then marched to my office, stomping up the stairs past everyone, carrying the black trash bag with all my stuff in it.

Upon reaching my office, I slammed the door and called the bank. NO answer. So, I left a less than polite message then I suddenly remembered to check my account balance.

It’s all gone. “I got Negative – $1040, what the F**k!”

This horrible day didn’t end right there.

I got a ride home after a friend called me and made me promise NOT to kill her. I ran up the stairs to have my heart emotionally explode. I saw a hot pink 24 hours eviction notice on the door.

As I turned the knob while ripping off the notice, I found only some boxes and clothes left – no food except my protein powder and some milk. Nothing’s left anywhere.

It suddenly hit me, I am homeless and broke.

Without my Mazda truck, I was given a leave to figure it out from my job.

One day, I found myself walking into a library to use the bathroom, wash my face, and get warm.

As I was sitting there looking out the window, a little grandmotherly women with short curly silver grey hair and little round glasses comes over with a paper plate full of Chocolate chip cookies and three glasses of milk. She said, “The kids are not coming by today, please enjoy these, they’re homemade.”

She then walked to the audio section of the bookcases and pulled a container of audio tapes.

“Sorry, the books are out but here is the audio of it. I like it better because Tony is so passionate,” she says placing the box of tape on the table.

“Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins” reads the title.

Before walking into the library, I was inside the pickup truck which my ex-fiance’s dad lent me until I was back on my feet. I was thinking how I could end it all.
This wave that’s coming over me when rage meets hopelessness and seems like the breath of life is leaving me.

I had felt exactly like this before…

And so, I remember my near death experiences wondering
“was this all there is for me?”

While in the Marines (yes, I was and that’s why swearing was normal to me back then), I tried to take away my life.

I took up the addict behaviors of my parents and drank myself to death as I have been praying for death several times since I was a child.

I was told that when I was an infant, my father crushed my skull which resulted in brain damage.

The hospital took me away from my addicted and negligent parents and gave me to a foster family with a foster dad who has “secret games.” After being picked up multiple times by the police for running away, I was returned to my biological parents.

My brain damage caused a severe stutter for a long time and at 4 years old, all I could speak was “haa haa hi!”

My mom decided to go door to door selling Avon with me and my sister who was a year older in a Red Radio Flyer wagon.

She would have me say “haa..haa.. hi” to women who answered their doors and then she would ask for a sale to help pay for my speech therapy. It worked, I got therapy and believe me or not, with the help of Superman, I learned to speak. Yes, my therapist and grandmother would use Superman comics to help me learn to speak.

During the near death experience in the Marine Corps,

I promised to change If I got one more shot.

Then I felt encapsulating warm golden light, like on a beach right under the sun – so bright all you see and feel…is LIGHT.

The Love I felt there was unlike anything I ever felt except the love I received from my childhood dog Romeo.

I remember hearing in my mind All is Accepted, All is Forgiven, All is LOVE.

I know I have overcome much and I was able to forgive my father at dinner before he passed away even after he tried multiple times to kill me.

Now I hear my purpose is calling. The question is, “Am I going to answer it?”

I believe in others and helping others with Branding and SEO which is just the map to get you found for your passion. By combining your brand, your purpose, and SEO, you’ll get found easier.

I am NOT a guru, I am a guide…. helping Love, Lead, and Activate change.

What is your mission-led, heart-based, biggest desire?

If money was no object, what would you do?

What is that voice that wakes you up?

…That vision of your future?

It’s here NOW if you let it be…

Quantum leap into your NOW, Face Your Fears, and Live Your Dreams

Are You Branding You? Branding + SEO = You Get Found!

Your Purpose is Calling!

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